Actress Shilpa has been busy in the shooting of the Bhojpuri film

On wednesday District Court Kathmandu issued arrest warrant for the actress Shilpa Pokharel and producer Chhabi Raj Ojha. But they have not been arrested so far. DSP Hovindra Bogati, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Complex, Kathmandu, said they would be arrested soon if they had not been found. While searching for the police, Shilpa is busy in shooting of Bhojpuri movie.

A few days ago, some pictures were taken from the shooting set of Bhojpuri movie ‘Jai Shambhu’. But do not know where is Mr. Chhabi Ojha. When we telephoned him, he did not get in touch. Four days ago, x-wife of Chhabi ojha, Hema had filed a complaint against Ms. Shilpa and her husband Mr. Chhabi Ojha at the Metropolitan Police Circle Gaushala. The Chhabi Ojha does not divorce his first wife Hema. If the Chhabi Ojha proves that he married Shilpa without divorcing Hema, then both Shilpa and Shilpa’s marriage could be abolished and both of them could be jailed by the law of Nepal.

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